How to maintain the rattan furniture?

Rattan furniture is made of various rattan woven furniture. It looks antique and has a strong artistic atmosphere. Although the rattan is not expensive, there are exquisite handwork in it, which also makes it have high practical value and appreciation. Value, if there is rattan furniture at home, how to maintain it?

Rattan furniture is woven from a rattan bark, and the gap inside the rattan is the easiest to hide. To keep it clean, put it in a clean environment, often with tweezers. Pick up the floating soil above it, and don't let the floating soil become dirt.

Some rattan furniture uses a lot of rattan, it looks very delicate, it can withstand the weight of normal people, but it can't stand the pressure of too strong, we don't use it with the ankle, let alone jump on it, if it The broken rattan is broken.

We all know that rattan belongs to wood and is the most afraid of fire. We should keep it away from the fire source, and also away from the high temperature, so that its rattan is damaged or softened. Of course, keep it. Dry and keep it away from moisture.

Some rattan furniture is thicker and heavier. It is not easy to break there. It is afraid of moving back and forth. When moving, it must be handled with care. If it is too strong, it will cause damage, even The break and dislocation of the rattan.

Some people like to put the rattan furniture on the balcony in order to pay attention to the atmosphere. We all know that the balcony is a sunny place and the most intense place for the sun. The rattan furniture will break, discolor and deform due to the long-term bathing of the sun. Wait, so avoiding sunlight is the key to extending its life.

When the rattan furniture is woven, there is a joint, that is, the place where the rattan is used. Usually, check these interfaces to see if the wear and tear are broken. If this happens, repair as soon as possible, the joint is broken, rattan furniture It is easy to dissipate, causing the entire furniture to be damaged.

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